Nishe to Release New Track and Video ‘Lose Control’ – 9th October

Haven’t heard of Nishe before?


The London based trio offer something new and unfamiliar, mixing electronic layers, with rock riffs and melodic vocals.

After being granted exclusive access to the brand new video for their latest, unreleased track ‘Lose Control’ (weeks before its official release), I can only praise the song and band, for their original, creative approach to blending rock and electro – a hard duo to combine.

Although incomparable to any sound in the charts at the moment, a subtle hint of ‘early’ Billy Joel (Green Day) tones are apparent in lead singer Giovanni Zappa’s vocals. Not to say that the sound is reflective of the Green Day sound, in fact it’s almost impossible to choose one band that has the same electro-come-Indie-come-rock sound.

Much in theme with their love for the big NYC, the official Lose Control music video sees the band walking through the streets of New York – filmed back in March. Tuned in parts but gritty in others, the vocals and musicianship seem natural and real – something that is hard to stumble upon these days.

The music video and track recording portray the band as down to earth; casually dressed, doing their thing and totally disregarding what the New Yorkers surrounding them are doing, whilst they wonder through, outside of their usual London domain.

It seems unsurprising that such a comparable and creative trio have been featured on web radios including BBC Introducing, with raw talent at their very bones.