Five Finger Death Punch Release LP – ‘Got Your Six’


Since the success of emotion-packed 2013 album release ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’ (Vol. 1 and 2), fans have been long-awaiting more music from America’s popular metal band – Five Finger Death Punch.

It seems that the wait was completely worth it, as the band have just released a new, 48-minute LP titled – ‘Got Your Six’. The first LP song, ‘Got Your Six’, is a brutal track comprised of deep screams and plenty of catchy riffs – which has already made its way to second position in the billboard charts (for obvious reasons).

Leading nicely onto the second song of the album – Jekyll and Hyde, a title which explains the context of the song. But fear not, it’s clear to see why this track has been marked as ‘explicit’ and it’s not because of the relentless 25-second guitar solos; it’s because of the explicit nature of the track. Packed with swear words and plenty of narrative, the song is unbreakable – a great musical track, with a great set of lyrics.

Not forgetting, Hell To Pay – a song which blends classic Five Finger Death Punch vocals and screams, with a Metallic-esque sound in the growling, speaking parts (think classic Enter Sandman). Either way, this track takes you on an emotional journey – interchanging from melodic vocals – mostly in the chorus – with roaring vocals and plenty of clever guitar/drum interludes.

A favourite of the selection is perhaps ‘Diggin’ My Own Grave’ – with emotion at the heart of this song, it’s clear to see that the band have taken aspects of 2013 success story, Wrong Side of Heaven, and given it a fresh approach; producing that familiar FFDP sound and encompassing that same, relatable message through the lyrics at the same time.

Have a listen to the 14 track LP and see for yourself – Five Finger Death Punch fans everywhere are sure to adore the familiar mixture of heavy, deathly riffs and screams, with their more emotive, melodic approach to production.

The album is sure to take you on a journey and you’ll certainly never know what to expect next.