Bring Me The Horizon – ‘That’s The Spirit’ Review


Love it or hate it – either way, you’re talking about.

Much to the delight of a new grouping of emotional teenagers who have just discovered Bring Me, ‘That’s The Spirit’ was finally released on the 11th September 2015, after much anticipation.

Teasing the album with releases of Happy Song, True Friends, Drown and the most popular track on the album, Throne – Bring Me The Horizon fans across the country gathered to watch an encapsulating performance at Reading Festival.

Granted, a number of the audience lost their tongues during older tracks like ‘Chelsea Smile’ and if they heard the classic Sykes scream featured in ‘Pray For Plague’, they would probably jump a mile. That being said, a few long-lasting BMTH fans were in the audience, chanting both old and new lyrics – mostly head banging.

So why the change? Why have BMTH converted from a diabolically heavy, often misinterpreted band with undefinable lyrics  – to the chart toppers that we are listening to in 2015.

On repeat in all of our heads, the album is undeniably catchy. After sitting down to one play of the (just short of) 43-minute album, we find ourselves chanting ‘S P I R I T’ and reminiscing with the lyrics.

At the end of the day – Bring Me The Horizon’s lyrics are mostly emotional, incredibly relatable and for the most part, heavily packed with swear words and remorse for the people who pushed them aside back in their ‘then’ prime, in the mid-2000s.

It seems that 2015 really is the prime moment for Bring Me, even without ex-member Jonas.