Utilising ‘Feedly’ in the Digital Marketing industry

Yesterday I discovered a fantastic tool.url

As a Digital Copywriter, Social Media Content Producer (mostly automotive), and blogger in my spare time, I should have already put the renowned Feedly through its paces but truth be told, I hadn’t found the time – let’s put that one down to having a busy work-life balance and schedule, now braving an hour long commute to Bristol everyday in my little Corsa.

Anyway. Researching the best ways to optimise content and gain the strongest digital brand presence led me to an incredible article, further linking me to Feedly – which I had forgotten existed until now.

Low and behold, a day later my side navigation is packed with a range of topics, varying from personal interests – blogging, latest news and fashion updates, to business categories – Automotive (broken down into the brand subcategories), SEO, Digital Marketing, Youtube and many others.

As it ‘says on the tin’, Feedly allows you to ‘Read more’ and coincidentally ‘Know more’.

It’s the easiest tool for the laziest of marketeers who can’t face the Google/Google News search for current, flowing articles. It compiles everything that could be of relevance to you throughout your working day, as chosen by you, in one place – presenting you with content published by the most relevant and trustworthy sites that you select.

But don’t take my word for it, ‘feed your mind’ today and don’t hesitate to comment below with your opinions!

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