Going back to basics with the stick figure

Click here to watch The Second Coming


When you hear the words ‘animated stick figures’ uttered, you might automatically think of the classic game ‘sticks fight’. This fantastic animation is simple but manages to take the concept of the stick figure; the sticks fight game and introduces a whole bunch of social media and digital interactivity. Although slow to start with, the video progresses throughout and at the end, we are left in awe at the bouncing Facebook emoticons, punching fat man, winged stick figure, muscly man and other characters involved.

A simple concept made smart, I personally believe that this is the best of back to basics animation around. The mischievous stick figure could trick the onlooker into thinking that this production wasn’t produced by a talented illustrator, but by the end of the video, it’s clear to see that the fluid and detailed animated objects are created by a truly talented, creative mind. Although the filmed interludes between animations are a little cheesy, it’s clear to see that the video is a hit in the UK – apparently the British public can handle this for the true dramatic effect of ‘The Second Coming’. The faceless animator is unidentified, so for the moment, the orange stick figure gets the recognition.

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