Birth Control Pros and Cons: The Implant


It’s an altogether taboo subject – the very mention of this ‘p’ word can send any girl down a path of venting. No, I am not talking about the numerous dirty words popping into your mind… I am talking about PERIODS.

Yes, we all get them and they are part of a natural process but with modern birth controls in place, can we really refer to periods as natural anymore?

Although a very personal journey, I am willing to discuss 7 months of having the implant, to make females think before rushing into choosing a specific birth control.

The Story…

After trying many pills to initially regulate my periods (and having little success), I decided to have the implant fitted. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done my research. I had spoken to a few female friends who had the implant, they praised it – raving of how wonderful it was and specifically stating that they hadn’t had a period for the past few years. Perfect!

The nurse who initially fitted my implant warned me that not every female body reacted well to the implant but the urge to control my periods and perhaps, the laziness inside of me, ignored everything she said. Why would I take a pill each day when I could be protected for three years with one simple ‘operation’ – if you can call it that?

7 months after the insertion of the implant and I was regretting the rash decision, who knew something so small could have such a big impact on someone’s life.

What happened? A 7 month period… that’s what happened. No breaks, no days off and few special intimate moments. Just 7 months of the one thing that all women and men hate with a passion.

Not only did this affect my everyday life, my love life and my purse (who knew tampons could be so expensive) but it also, more often than not, left me feeling weak and ill. The overload of hormones caused severe acne and at one point, I was even taking the pill at the same time as the implant, to try to regulate everything.

Luckily, I managed to get the implant removed. Now on the combi pill, after my blood pressure finally regulated enough to do so, and five months down the line – I wouldn’t look back. I have regular monthly periods, which last little longer than three days at a time, and consistent protection (as long I am strict with regular pill taking – which luckily I am).

By discussing my experience, I’m not trying to deter females from getting the implant. There is a 50/50 chance that you will have little bleeding and it is one of the safest birth controls, which lasts the longest amount of time – an impressive three year period.

What I AM saying is that you must prepare yourself for the unexpected. Like me, this could happen to you. Know everything there is to know – research, ask questions, and try different options before you rush into something as permanent as the implant.

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