High–maintenance, preened, natural, or just plain lazy?


Fashion trends come and go, so you would be mistaken to think that beauty trends were consistent. Last year we witnessed the launch of ‘dewy’ skin – an excuse for the lazier of us to excuse a shiny t-zone for an intentional dewy finish.

We all have an individual beauty regime which (we think) works for us and our skin, whether it’s a full coverage finish or a slight dusting of powder. But what do our products and make-up say about our personality?

‘High Maintenance’

Females who leave the house in a full face of make-up are often labelled as ‘high-maintenance’ and ‘vain’. Perhaps it’s less of a vanity thing and more an ‘I spent 5 hours searching #mua on Instagram last night and I’m trying recreate the flawless, and perhaps slightly airbrushed, make-up artist’s face’ thing.

Clean-cut winged eyeliner, a smooth complexion, over lined (Jenner style) lips, a contoured nose and cheek bones, curving lashes and a thick brow are just six make-up tricks which prove that you take extreme pride in your everyday ‘go to’ make-up. Often mistaken for vanity, this full coverage finish can often act as a disguise for insecure individuals.


Washing your face, toning and moisturising, dabbing a little concealer on your blemishes and sorting those invisible lashes out is an essential for you, but you don’t need the full coverage finish, so you can leave the foundation off when you choose to do so. You wouldn’t consider spending more than 30 minutes on your make-up every morning. Who has the spare time for that?

It’s 6am, the bags under your eyes are tinged purple but nothing that a touch of concealer can’t disguise. Goodbye tired face, hello preened face.


The natural category is compiled of two types of female – the ones who look absolutely flawless without an ounce of make-up… and the rest, who just don’t have the time.

Whether you’re high-maintenance or preened, it’s quite difficult to imagine getting away with this when you have to put 5 inches of face on to get to our everyday ‘recognisable’ look? Natural girls don’t get mistaken for being ‘ill’ if they don’t have the time to do their make-up in the morning, that’s for sure.

Of course, natural can mean no make-up or minimal make-up. The girls who like to touch up blemishes but who aren’t fussed for much else, also fit into this category.

And finally, the lazy…

The girls who look at other made up girls with envy – with a stain on their collar, yesterday’s dry shampooed afro hair (shoved into a discrete bun that screams ‘I’m unkempt’), an unwashed face and some huge bags, that might even get mistaken for bags for life, under their eye lids.

Whether you use Mac or Max Factor, you enjoy a bare face or you’re slightly blemished, it’s your choice to groom yourself in the way that suits your style.

Image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2253529/Beauty-confidential-Elsa-McAlonan-shares-best-buys-2012-tips-shes-picked-way.html


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