10 Reasons To Turn Off Your Phone

In this day and age, it’s understandable that phones are a huge part of our day to day lives.

Whether work related emails or social media updates, texts from distant friends or a phone call from your lover, the phone has become a huge part of modern day living.

Here is my suggestion… turn off your phone for a minimum of one hour a day. I don’t mean while you’re sleeping, I mean during the day time. If you can’t see any benefit in this, let me tell you the 10 reasons that I believe this can make you a more positive and happy individual.

1. We all need a break from work related emails. You’ve finished work and it’s time to disconnect from your inbox for a bit. That email you needed to send to that client, can wait. The reply to a email you received a few days ago can wait another hour as well.

2. Go outdoors with no communication apart from interactions with loved ones. Instead of sitting on your phone, appreciate the moments in the outdoors with your loved ones. It has been proven that the outdoors can make you feel fresher and uplifted – so chose this option as opposed to trapping yourselves indoors with your gadgets.

3. You’re on your laptop and you have your iPad by your side. You have a home phone. You don’t need to check you mobile every five seconds, if anyone needs you they can ping you an email or give your home phone a call.

4. If you check your phone as much as me, it will be on loud or vibrate. Therefore, you know when you get a notification. So stop picking your phone up every five seconds, you will know when someone has contacted you because you’ll get that little buzz…

5. Quite frankly, nobody likes the constant irrelevant Facebook notifications on that picture you commented on a year ago. A group of people have rekindled their love for the image and you have no interest in reading their jokes on the image that you once liked.

6. There’s no point going on Instagram and staring at attractive females. These girls don’t look like this without the make-up, angles, lighting or filters. So close your Instagram app, quit searching #MUA and find beauty in the things that surround you in reality.

7. Find peace in silence. Take an hour to rest, to read a book, to exercise, to watch TV… whatever takes your fancy. Watch the news, an educational program or something which teaches you about the real world.

8. If candy crush is still consuming your life or you’re addicted to the new Kardashian virtual lifestyle game, perhaps you need to step back from these addictive games and realise that there is more to life than levelling up or gaining more money to buy a new estate in your virtual game – if only money was so readily available within the real world!

9. Scientists have told us that the rays (don’t ask me for details, I’m a blogger not a genius) are bad for our health. Less phone calls – a healthier lifestyle.

10. The lists on your iPhone notes are haunting you – you haven’t done one thing off of one of them because you have been procrastinating. Chose you thing off of the list to do and take an hour or more to focus your undivided attention on this task.