So you’re in your twenties…

So you have reached your twenties. Maybe you are even at the latter end of the twenties spectrum.

You’re probably unsure about where life is taking you and if you think you know, everything will most likely change when you are least expecting it.

Relax. Perhaps you have another 40, 50 or even 60 years on this earth- that’s plenty of time to discover where life is taking you. Don’t waste this youthful and precious moment by panicking about the future.

Of course, it’s difficult to take your own advice… I’m a 20 year old fashion journalism graduate who is still trying to find her first ‘real’ job. Okay, I worked at Argos for a bit… and I’m pretty sure I helped with a paper round once or twice, but I mean REAL job.

While I am not willing to settle for any job advertised and I really strive to work within specific sectors of the magazine/digital writing industry, I know that working your way up, in this tight and excruciatingly difficult industry, is pivotal. In most instances that does involve making tea, working long hours for minimal wage and doing everything that the bosses don’t want to do.

You know what; it’s absolutely okay to do that. Whilst you don’t want to seem like an absolute push over, ‘sucking up’ to your boss or a potential employer is never going to end badly. Don’t feel like you are selling yourself short – everyone has to start somewhere.

Understandably, you don’t want to be interning for years and that is why you set yourself a career target. Mine is to become an editor within the next 10 years – I’ll reminisce over this moment when I’m 30 and overworked.

You don’t need money… you don’t need contacts… you don’t even need to live in a prime location. One thing you need is the desire to achieve, to be something better than you already are. Above all, you need to be passionate – driven to inspire someone with your work. That’s what I have been telling myself recently anyway.

Besides your career, friendships are changing – old friends may have become distant strangers and colleagues may soon become friends. That’s alright; it’s all part of growing up. We discover ourselves and what was once a perfect match (in terms of a friendship) is no longer right.

You have no money. Selling everything you own on Ebay or Gumtree is a temporary fix. It gives you the option to have a little extra spending money – but that isn’t permanent. Think of the skills that you have gained in the past few years; how can you use these to your advantage. For instance, a writer could contact magazines to contribute freelance work and gain a little money/some name recognition that way.

Overall, enjoy life as it is. It’s going to be difficult but when you finally realise that you have achieved all that you wanted when you’re sat in a nice house, surrounded by countryside with a lovely family and a few pets (optional), you’ll realise that the hard work was completely worth it.

One thing to take from this rambling blog post – it’s not a bad thing to start at the bottom. The best people in life have done just that.

“Started from the bottom now we here”.

Even Drake… (excuse the lame joke)